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Itexis software is able to recognize graphic events on the fly and therefore put a time stamp on user actions and calculate an application response time on user perception.

 Shape recognition for images when they appear on the screen

  • Recognizing Windows objects and building their trees in the background
  • String recognition
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms widely used to educate Itexis software to keep up with application changes over time


The set of active elements of the application chain is used as it would be in production

The behavior of the application chain in charge is perfectly anticipated. There are no surprises in the production environment

The ability to correlate in the same graph the number of simultaneous users and the performance counters of the target machines

Optimizing the parameters of the application to obtain the best possible compromise on a "what if" approach

All the active elements are solicited

Application supervision of different sites with comparison of response times

Sending an alert via email or SNMP trap when the response times are degraded or when the application is unavailable

Single point of management for scheduling, scenario visualization, remote agent management, etc.

No special skills required: the scenarios are saved in the "macro Excel" mode

Supports all Windows versions (desktop and servers), all Windows applications, all types of architecture (client / server, Citrix / TX, Web, Mainframe, etc.)

Provides a lot of information about the behavior of an application chain

Real-time response time calculated directly on the workstation

No dedicated PC, no scenarios and associated maintenance

Single point of management and deployment in silent mode

Raises precisely the application response times

Solution without code

Invariant to the graphic resolution and color

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