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Take a look at ControlUp and see all your IT Infrastructure from One Console​

ControlUp is transforming the way IT manages systems, troubleshoots issues, and helps deliver a great user experience. ControlUp helps you manage, monitor and proactively troubleshoot your Citrix and VMware Horizon environments as well as Microsoft RDS issues from a single management console. Take advantage of our strong Partnership with ControlUp.

You are a System Engineer or a Virtual Infrastructure Administrator, you are an IT Director or a Citrix Engineer, Click here to discover how ControlUp can help you save time and increase your performance


Data Center

When managing complex workloads supported by on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructures, most data center admins use multiple monitoring and management tools. ControlUp’s powerful console unifies disparate environments leading to reduced complexity and minimal administrative overhead.

End User Computing

A modern IT organization often has it all – virtual desktops as well as physical ones, cloud instances and hyper-converged technologies as well as old server racks, newest cutting-edge software in evaluation alongside legacy products. Web servers, application servers, DNS, domain controllers, physical machines, NetScalers, cloud workloads and more. See how ControlUp offers fine-grained visibility in one console.

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