WCS Consulting

WCS Consulting is a Cloud and Digital Pure Player providing advanced "As a Service" Solutions and Managed Services to U.S. Businesses and Public institutions. We have a unique expertise in Citrix and Cloud technologies in the industry and we build comprehensive solutions using Microsoft Azure, VMware and ControlUp technologies. We also are the exclusive distributor of TMM Software innovative eHealth solutions for the Patient Care in the U.S.

Our mission is to simplify our customers’ IT with the best-of-breed solutions and the right services that will help them grow faster within their budgets and anticipate their future needs.

Business Agility: our teams are focused on listening to our customers’ needs to propose them the right services. On demand

Digital transformation Acceleration: we propose IT consulting services to improve our customers’ software architectures, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations

Trusted Advisor: strong technical expertise and optimum business value with the support of our experienced Sales team

Quality of Services: customer service’s high responsiveness, delivery of services on time within resource and budgets’ constraints

Costs Optimization: pay per use options, flexible service billings

Customer Satisfaction: our teams work together to provide the best customer experiences and keep customers happy

In a few words, we work with PASSION to build strong PARTNERSHIPS based on full INTEGRITY to enable great SUCCESS.

Your business needs a reliable technical solution at scale to support your multiple software applications, advanced technologies and mobile apps. At WCS Consulting, we have the experience, the tools and the technical teams to deliver the best user experiences.