Remote Access as a Service

These days, making remote work reliable, secure and user-friendly for employees often means a big hit to your CAPEX costs. It’s a key reason why many organizations are investing in virtual apps and desktops

  • A Remote PC Access catalog usually contains existing physical machines. So, you don’t have to prepare an image or provision machines to use Remote PC Access. Delivering desktops and apps usually uses virtual machines (VMs), and an image is used as a template to provision the VMs.
  • When a machine in a Remote PC Access random pooled catalog is powered off, it is not reset to the original state of the master image.
  • For Remote PC Access static user assignment catalogs, the assignment occurs after a user logs in (either at the machine or via RDP). When delivering desktops and apps, a user is assigned if a machine is available.

Find out key benefits to consider for secure and efficient remote access

  • Easy deployment and easy management.
  •  Save time with faster remote PC access.
  • Reduce costs without the need to purchase additional hardware.
  •  Increase your users' productivity without limited device access while providing secure access to authorized applications.
  •  Keep your business as usual by continuing to provide your customers and suppliers with their existing access to your application.

What does look like?

  • Same desktop
  • Secure connection
  • Same document and files
  • Just need internet connection

A 12-month subscription with 6 months for free for 5 Windows Pc for $1.85 per day

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