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apTeleCare, has been selected by Morocco for the remote medical monitoring of its CoVid-19 Vaccination Campaign


Free of charge, the portal aims to eventually cover 80% of the Moroccan population, i.e. 25 million people.

The health authorities have decided to support the campaign through this medical system, giving patients access to the "Yakadaliqah" ("vaccinovigilance" in Arabic) application.

This application allows for the recording, reporting and remote monitoring of adverse events by vaccinated individuals, in order to track, record and control Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI).

A proven application for close monitoring of patients

Like all medications and health products, the Covid-19 vaccine can cause adverse reactions. In order to monitor and react in time in case of vaccine complications, and to ensure that vaccinated patients are followed up by health professionals, Morocco has chosen to set up a remote monitoring system for the AEFI.

Once an account is created on the jawaz-essaha.com portal, patients can download the "Yakadaliqah" remote monitoring application. The application is integrated by Highkaw and uses apTeleCare, TMM Software's remote medical monitoring software solution.

Coupled with the patient's shared medical record and specially adapted for vaccination monitoring, the application allows to : 

  • Have an electronic health passport for vaccination allowing vaccinated people to access the telemonitoring platform
  • Ensure the safety of people vaccinated against Covid-19 through remote monitoring of AEFI at home
  • Accompany vaccinated people at a distance throughout the vaccination period (from D0 to D21) and beyond, allowing them secure exchanges with health professionals
  • Manage the AEFI monitoring protocol by the national pharmacovigilance center, aligned with WHO recommendations
  • Convey health education messages

Intuitive and adapted to everyone 

The system works in a simple and adapted way: after vaccination, the beneficiary can download the digital health passport for vaccination on his or her smartphone, available online or via Google Play or App Store, giving him or her access to the "Yakadaliqah" telemonitoring application. The vaccinated person has the possibility to declare the AEFI that occurred through a questionnaire indicating the symptoms that may occur after vaccination against Covid-19.

The doctor at the vaccination center analyzes the alerts and responds with advice, a prescription for medication, an invitation to a consultation on site or a referral to the most appropriate hospital. In order to establish a causal link with the Covid-19 vaccination, the doctor declares in a AEFI card integrated in the menu, the severe AEFI to the national pharmacovigilance center.

The patient is then autonomous for the follow-up of the possible appearance of other AEFI linked to the vaccination, by filling in a survey once a week, available on the application, for a follow-up in time. In case of emergency, they can send an alert by messaging. The questions are available in French, Arabic dialect and pictograms. The system provides for the sending of photos and audio files.

A recognized system for patient follow-up : apTeleCare from TMM Software

The telemonitoring platform for Morocco's vaccination campaign uses TMM Software's apTeleCare application, a recognized healthcare system already widely used in France by many healthcare institutions to monitor patients suffering from all types of pathologies. TMM Software, a specialist in e-Health and digitalization of the patient pathway already chosen by many laboratories, medical equipment manufacturers and healthcare institutions, aims to ensure compliance with the protocols issued by doctors and regulatory authorities to patients via telemonitoring.

The relevance of the apTeleCare solution, whatever the pathologies, is based on three pillars: security, which includes the protection of health data and the preservation of patient confidentiality; durability, which relies on the power of the software to ensure continuous monitoring of patients on a daily basis, and finally modularity, which makes the tool adaptable to each protocol, in order to meet the needs of different pathologies and therapeutic approaches.

About TMM Software TMM Software digitizes the care pathway and is committed to helping healthcare institutions improve the patient experience. As an "innovation enabler", TMM Software continually develops its solutions in co-development with business experts, and proposes two main offers: 

  • MultiMed, a multimedia entertainment and medical information solution that can be used directly in the room in healthcare institutions or in ambulatory care.
  • apTeleCare, a solution for remote medical monitoring and digitization of the patient's journey (pre-admission, post-operative follow-up) that enables remote monitoring of patients suffering from all types of pathologies. The solution ensures a continuous exchange between the patient and healthcare professionals, and improves the quality of care.

The solution has already been adopted by specialized healthcare players for their remote monitoring, such as FollowSurg for the remote monitoring of more than 11,000 bariatric surgery patients ; Physidia for the remote monitoring of patients using a hemodialysis machine; or Santélys for the remote monitoring of patients with 4 distinct pathologies.

About Highkaw Highkaw is an integrator of patient-centric software solutions offering: 

  • Global information system of a hospital establishment
  • Management of medical practices
  • Telemonitoring of chronic disease
  • Shared Personal Medical Record
  • Social network of health professionals enabling teleexpertise
  • Entertainment in the patient's bed

Highkaw is in charge of integrating TMM Software's software for the telemonitoring of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Morocco.