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CITRIX REMOTE ACCESS simplifies & gives employees full access to their desktops from anywhere to keep them productive while keeping corporate information safe.

Citrix Remote PC Access enables users to remotely use physical Windows or Linux machines located in the office. Users receive the best user experience by using Citrix HDX to deliver their office PC session. There are some differences between delivering virtual apps and desktops and the Citrix Remote PC Access feature.

  1. An image or provision machines to use Remote PC Access. Delivering desktops and apps usually uses virtual machines (VMs), and an image is used as a template to provision the VMs. 
  2. When a machine in a Remote PC Access random pooled catalog is powered off, it is not reset to the original state of the master image. 
  3. For Remote PC Access static user assignment catalogs, the assignment occurs after a user logs in (either at the machine or via RDP). 
  4. When delivering desktops and apps, a user is assigned if a machine is available.

The Remote PC Via Citrix Cloud engagement helps customers rapidly provide secure remote access to existing domain joined workstations within the organization

Key Benefits

  1. Rapidly provide secure remote access
  2. Leverage existing Internet connection and Windows PCs
  3. No inbound VPN rules required
  4. Provide a future platform for other Virtual Apps & Desktop use cases
  5. Leverage global experience and insights from WCS Consulting

What is included

  1. Initial discussion and pre-requisites document
  2. Create Network share from VDA
  3. Create GPO to deploy VDQ
  4. Validate VDA deployment
  5. Environment Summary Document

Prerequisites & Assumptions

  1. Existing Virtual Apps & Desktops Services entitlement required
  2. Internet Connectivity & adequate bandwidth to Citrix Cloud required
  3. User authentication is AD or AD + Token (Citrix Cloud)
  4. Cloud Connector VMs will need to be deployed in customer location
  5. Users will be provided with access to existing domain joined Windows PCs

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